31 May 2011

Dear Baltimore...

the crabs were steamed

the cannons smokin’

the dragons breathed fire

the roses hot pink

the sun was blazing

and the new grad radiant

another golden day!

30 May 2011

Memorial Day...

the last Monday of May
a U.S. holiday commemorating U.S. service members
who gave their lives while in the military service

We thank you and
we salute you!

also the unofficial start of the summer season
the National Memorial Day Concert on the west lawn of the U.S. Capital
and the running of the Indianapolis 500

So rev your engines, crank up the music and fire up the grill!

Can you smell the BBQ?

28 May 2011


newborn Palmer is the new ace around the
greens where Dad is a golf pro

Ann, from On Sutton Place, won’t encounter any
sand traps or hazards with this gift
It will be a hole in one!
And Palmer, well he should be out there
chasing birdies and eagles soon...
well, just as soon as he can grow into these shoes!

Stitchfork is featured over at Ann’s On Sutton Place
Wedge in a moment to stop by Ann’s and say…
....another week, another son's graduation! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!
And welcome to new friends!
I'll be catching up shortly...

24 May 2011


...soft thread braided to form the wick of candles

...a form of embroidery

...nursery rhyme from the early 1800’s...

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
Jack jump over
The candlestick wick

jumping candlesticks was a form of fortune-telling and sport

good luck was signaled by clearing the candle without extinguishing the flame

Would not recommend trying this with my 
great-great-grandma’s candlestick…

she was pretty nimble and quick in her day!

monogram B. has candlewicking details based upon French handwork from the 1870’s

jumped any candlewickssticks lately for luck?

22 May 2011


fear of the dark

solution.....night light

don’t know if T.L.W. has nyctophobia,
but if he is afraid…
the arrow on the bottom of the T points to the ‘on’ switch

and T. can count on it

Thread:   monogram T.L.W. art deco style from the 1940’s
Ink:    vintage typography numbers from the early 1900’s
via Karen at The Graphics Fairy

19 May 2011

grab your shades...

Surf’s Up!

St. Augustine 2011
sea birds sit

St. Augustine 2011

sea birds surf

You sit…..or surf?

17 May 2011


Bluebeard sailed the blue
Blue Bayou song of blue
Blue suede shoes rocked

Stitchfork has a drawer of blues

Blue, a town in Arizona
Blue, Labatt brew in Canada

the moon may be blue
violets may be blue

S.M. will be a washed in Duke blue

You have a favorite blue?

15 May 2011

Dear Nashville...

the blues were hot

the tomatoes were fried green

the magnolias were in bloom

the cicadas sang

The years to Graduation flew by in a blur!

To celebrate...
the strawberries were sweet and the champagne flowed!

over 5000 pounds of fresh strawberries were served at commencement!

Time Flies

Thread: monogram MT
Ink: clocks around the world circa 1880 print via Karen at

12 May 2011

all a-twitter!

She’s talking our language!

St Augustine March 2011

Yeah, but can she fly??!

Stitchfork is now on Twitter!

10 May 2011

Extra, Extra...

...read all about it!
Stitchfork was highlighted in the Daily Basics!

Wait, what?
You haven’t been there yet?

The Daily Basics is a web magazine that highlights short, sweet and quirky articles once a day.

What do you think—the quirky category for me?

Stop by the Daily Basics for Home Style, Life Style and You Style!

They called me a "monogramming genius"
which has sparked a flurry of comments among my sons.

Careful guys,
or you’ll find your boxers have monograms!

08 May 2011

in the year.....


American Express was founded by
Henry Wells & William Fargo

Allan Pinkerton started what would become the
Pinkerton Detective Agency

The University of Rochester in Rochester, NY was founded

A.W. monogram was crowned with a combo of thread,
and an antique ink printers ornament from 1850.

this monogram makes me very thirsty

we detected some A&W Root Beer...
used the American Express...
and bought a round for the gang at The U of R

Thread: .W
Ink: via Karen at The Graphics Fairy

03 May 2011


No matter how you spell it...

M. O. M. spells MOM



Upside down…..WOW

Hope you have a WOW kind of Mother’s Day!