28 April 2011

royal tattoos

Adjust your crowns and tiaras and
step into the royal tattoo parlor...

Royal tattoos you say?
Under all the pomp and royal finery,
some members of the royal court have
been getting inked dating back to the 1700’s.

King George V, his sons the Dukes of Clarence and York,
Edward VII, just to name a few

It’s even rumored that Queen Victoria had a small tattoo in
an undisclosed ‘private’ area—hmmmmm

Winston Churchill had an anchor tattoo.
And Winston’s mum had a snake tattooed around her wrist—she covered it with a specially crafted diamond bracelet when needed.

Only tats around here are the embroidered variety...

...although, it would be nice to have my
own specially crafted diamond bracelet!

Any tattoos under on your royal robes?

26 April 2011

your home is your castle...

in days of olde, when knights were bold,
the pipes were cast of iron

through the ages they succumbed to crumble
and Havoc reigns

but new ramparts are being built

new trenches being dug
and a new moat to stave off future invaders

even with little royal flourishes of pipe-napkin-folding

(tutorial upon request)

while the legions toil,
I’ll retreat to my tower
and continue to polish up the crown

where are those ladies-in-waiting when you need them….

Slaying any dragons this week in your castle?

24 April 2011

The EGGcited Rooster...

a cartoon classic from 1952
starring Foghorn Leghorn, voiced by Mel Blanc

via Looney Tunes

Recently on a day-long Italian Culinary Tour with
The Fork and the Road, one of the stops was DeLallo’s.

DeLallo’s Italian Foods is a multi-generation family run business with an impressive selection of...
well, just about everything...

including Italian Eggs

Wait, what?

Mr. DeLallo, you’re pulling my Foghorn Leghorn leg right??

The Leghorn is a breed of chicken
with origins in Tuscan, Italy.
They were imported into America in 1853 and called Italians.
The chickens are from the western edge of Tuscany,
in English also known as Leghorn.

These chicks can lay some eggs too—around 280 per year!
Who knew?!

Dear Mary of The Fork and the Road,
I hereby royally crown your Fork as a jewel of a culinary Tour!


Had any Italian eggs lately?

21 April 2011

family tree leaves...

No threat of any Easter Bunnies eating these flowers...

Wait, what?

That’s the Christmas cactus about to bloom!
E.B. better keep the hares away from my blooms...
Or he’ll find himself hopped over to the kids' table!

Although, he may prefer not to eat with all the
grownups who have gray hares...

17 April 2011

gunpowder, rum and tattoos...

warning...do NOT try this at home

St. Augustine March 2011

Pirates added gunpowder to rum as a proof test.
If the gunpowder and rum mixture did not ignite,
it was under proof—watered down rum.

Blackbeard the Pirate is the most famous consumer of gunpowder rum.
Gunpowder and rum were also used by pirates to create tattoos.

Nowadays it’s safer to stick with
Captain Morgan’s Tattoo brand rum...
and a monogrammed tattoo in thread

I don’t imbibe Captain Morgan’s while thread tattooing

15 April 2011


Definition...colloquial sound made with the lips
expressing dislike, derision, or disapproval

Wait, what?!
Not that raspberry!

The fruit kind, and the color thread kind.

Raspberry cheesecakes no one would give you a raspberry for!

13 April 2011


sandal...sandpiper...sand crabs...


St. Augustine  March 2011

Never too old to build castles in the sand!

Seabrink established 1988

Family beach house my mother-in-law named
after her childhood home in New England.
framing this as a gift
Don’t worry about spoiling the surprise...
the in-laws don’t surf the web.

Do you mind a little sand in your shoes?

11 April 2011


Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Zip A Dee Eh

My, on my!
What a wonderful day!
Plenty of sunshine headin' my way!

Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Zip A Dee Eh

everything satisfactual with you?

08 April 2011

05 April 2011


...defined as short expression of popular wisdom

some days you get the bear

some days the bear gets you

it’s been a grizzly kind of day

03 April 2011




...red onion
fresh basil
lemon juice, fresh ground sea salt and black pepper

Forget the fork,
grab a spoon!