30 July 2010

29 July 2010

Talkin' Turkey

Out of the corner of my eye while brewing tea in the kitchen this morning I glimpsed something large, dark and hulking outside the screened room door. I did one of those cartoon-like double takes…..

Okay, remember everything I told you.
And on the count of three you jump and FLY!
On the count of two though, The Hound (aka Avalanche our big, yellow lab)
came barreling around the corner.
Flight lift off accomplished!

But The Hound scared the you-know-what out of those turkeys.
Outside to get the garden hose…………...

28 July 2010

Summertime Monogram

A's summery, sunshine patio dinner setting
Bright yellow sunshine
Red hot temps

A's thinking of adding some red napkins with a
white loopy flower intertwined in the yellow A

27 July 2010

Monogram & Martlet

The red martlet is a mythical, heraldic bird.

This mythical bird cannot land, it is a symbol for perpetual flight always soaring in the pursuit of higher learning.

NL's red martlet monogrammed blanket will be winging it’s way to Mount Royal in Canada where NL will land on her feet.


25 July 2010

Thread as Art

Alice in Wonderland—considered to be one of the best examples of literary nonsense. What a delightful description—literary nonsense!

Started out with The Rabbit from Wonderland…

The Queen - a figure difficult to please. Her trademark phrase "Off with his head!"

The Hatter.  He is popularly referred to as the "Mad Hatter", but is never called by this name in Carroll's book - one of those bits of trivia I can remember while forgetting what day of the week it is - go figure!

Alice with Attitude completes the set of Wonderland Revisited.

After this stitching I really should rent the movie…

In the chapter "A Mad Tea Party", the Mad Hatter asks a notable riddle: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" When Alice gives up, the Hatter admits he does not have an answer himself. Lewis Carroll originally intended the riddle to be just a riddle without an answer.

One suggested answer — Poe wrote on both.

Wait till you see the Edgar Allen Poe art I am currently working on!

23 July 2010


Who's bringing the ice??

Linen cocktail napkins

And peppered cashews in Great-great-grandma’s gravy boat?

Nutty idea?

I think she would be delighted we are using it!

21 July 2010

Ship Monogram

Baltimore, Maryland - Inner Harbor sunrise

Baltimore is a road trip destination several times a year. 
This trip we squeezed in time for a tour of the USS Constellation docked in the harbor.

The USS Constellation was decommissioned for the last time on 4 February 1955, the old ship was moved to Baltimore and designated a National Historic Landmark. She is the last existing Civil War-era naval vessel and has since been condemned and restored a few times.

Nearly all of the ship is accessible for viewing. About half of the lines used to rig the vessel are present which adds up to several miles of rope and cordage.

Cameras are snapping pictures of the shipboard cuisine --- eeewwwwww
And the cannons are in place.

And of course I found a monogram! 
A ship's monogram, and a stitched one at that!

My picture of the day?
I wanted to see where those cannons were aiming....

A bit higher and to the right Captain. 

 Ready, Aim.......

20 July 2010

Serendipity Take Two

Serendipity—what a great word. And today I took a moment to read about it’s origin.

In the English speaking world, it’s source is traced to Horace Walpole. He coined the term in his recollection of part of a fairy tale where three princes try to discern the nature of a lost camel. The fairy tale is titled The Three Princes of Serendip from 1754. (Can honestly say I don’t recall that fairy tale from my childhood.)

I like this definition better—finding agreeable things not sought for.

A bit of Serendipity Stitches of pve designs. No camels involved!

You can see Serendipity Part One here.

19 July 2010


“This One Had Me in Stitches”

Funny thing about the world of blogging—the first day you feel like you just walked into a party where you don’t know anyone. Then serendipity—as Elizabeth at Pretty Pink Tulips says!

“This One Had Me in Stitches” (Oh, I love puns!) Hop over to Pretty Pink Tulips and see how a china pattern started this bit of serendipity.

Thank you Elizabeth!

18 July 2010

A Monogrammer's Dilemma

Fax from client: Need wedding shower gift for future sister-in-law. Thinking robe or table napkins. Her first initial S. His initials G-A.

My first reaction before I even open the computer design screen — Uh-Oh!!!

Here’s why…

And this one isn't any better...

No matter how I arranged these initials, all I could see was G-A-S or S-A-G.

Telephoned the client and explained the dilemma.

After the client picked herself up off the floor from laughing hysterically, she said "let’s just go with an S on a robe for this time to play it safe."

Basically two camps here: Those who would take this and run with it, enjoying it for all it’s worth; and those who would be appalled to sit down at a beautifully set dinner table, pick up the napkin and see G-A-S stitched across it.

Finished up the robe with an "S" monogram while humming the classic
Rolling Stones song
 Jumping Jack Flash…...it’s a gas….

15 July 2010

Pretty in Pink

I've never met a monogram I didn't like.  And when I saw Elizabeth's Pretty Pink Tulips new monogram, I loved it. 

pve designs, a very talented artist!, painted the new monogram and the banner at the top of Elizabeth's blog. The two got together recently and Ta Da! Pretty Pink Tulips designs were created. 

While looking for some elements for a monogram in progress, I found some tulips in my computer design stash.  Aha - Pretty Pink Tulips.  Couldn't resist the urge and just had to stitch out a variation on Elizabeth's monogram.

A monogram can always side-track me from what I am doing.  Now back to the monogram already in progress....

13 July 2010

Guys-Day Out

I had a guys-day out with the college-age crew!  We (me and a couple of my sons) headed out first thing this morning sending out text messages to their friends ---> wake up.  pick you up in 10.  going to watch the bridge blow up.

Wait......what??  Yes, bridge blow up.  The PA Turnpike built a new span across the Allegheny River and today was the day the old span was marked for kaboom.  After scoping out several possible locations, we decided the best spot was the McDonald's location right at the turnpike exit.  That seemed to be the place to be as there was a good-size crowd gathered.  McDonald's was doing a brisk business selling coffee and I applaud their hospitality.  The manager sent employees outside with trays full of frozen drinks to serve the bridge watchers for free!  A gracious host to an impromptu parking-lot-bridge-demolition gathering!

Unfortunately due to the abundance of tress, we mostly just saw a lot of smoke.  But the series of booms was deafening.

This is a helicopter view from the local news team.

Next off to the electronics store to return/replace the NEW computer tower that had a bad motherboard.  Hopefully this newer one is a keeper.  We checked out lots of electronics on our wish lists.  Then off to lunch -- Mexican food for all.  Back to the house for a short bit where the guys assembled my new desk chair -- "we don't need those instructions!"  Then out again to see the new Pixar movie "Despicable Me."

Fun day all around -- especially for me who is going to dearly miss all of them again next month when they head back to their various universities.

12 July 2010

Classic linen

Linen + Summertime = Classic

Linen + Leather + Monogram  = Ultimate Classic!

09 July 2010

Mission for Stitchfork

Good Morning Stitchfork. 
Your mission should you decide to accept it:
design a birthday gift

Goal and target:
PhD Chemical Engineer, Professor and Associate Dean of a prominent university
And she loves to cook

So what do you give a chemical engineer to wear in the kitchen? 
An apron with the chemical equation of sugar!
The monogram can be found on the spoon stitched on the strap.
Happy Birthday Dr. a!

Another successful mission concluded.

So which song is now stuck in your head? 
The theme from Mission Impossible or A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins??

07 July 2010

Hot Monogram

It's another scorcher today!

Even the embroidery is on fire...
Sample design for a well-known rock band.  The initials have been changed to protect their identity. 
sshhh...don't ask...my lips are sealed!

05 July 2010

Bells & Whistles

We are a household full of bells and whistles.  And I admit -- I love new bells
and whistles! This is my embroidery designing set up with two laptops and
 three screens to work from - sweet! 
We have what we call our 'main computer', a desktop tower, set
up in the living room. It has been acting very snarky lately. 
To get even more bells and whistles 
Before it implodes, it will be replaced with a new tower
ready to be taken out of it's box.

What will I do with the snarky computer tower? 
This is my first weapon of choice!

Maybe it will be pardoned tho and donated to a good cause...

01 July 2010