20 July 2010

Serendipity Take Two

Serendipity—what a great word. And today I took a moment to read about it’s origin.

In the English speaking world, it’s source is traced to Horace Walpole. He coined the term in his recollection of part of a fairy tale where three princes try to discern the nature of a lost camel. The fairy tale is titled The Three Princes of Serendip from 1754. (Can honestly say I don’t recall that fairy tale from my childhood.)

I like this definition better—finding agreeable things not sought for.

A bit of Serendipity Stitches of pve designs. No camels involved!

You can see Serendipity Part One here.


pretty pink tulips said...

Oh....that is just great! What you might not know is that pve started the serendipity by drawing my home and sending the original to me --- and now connecting through me, through you.....what goes around comes around. And it couldn't come around to a better person! xo Elizabeth

pve design said...

how fun, I need some monogrammed items....
from you!