15 July 2010

Pretty in Pink

I've never met a monogram I didn't like.  And when I saw Elizabeth's Pretty Pink Tulips new monogram, I loved it. 

pve designs, a very talented artist!, painted the new monogram and the banner at the top of Elizabeth's blog. The two got together recently and Ta Da! Pretty Pink Tulips designs were created. 

While looking for some elements for a monogram in progress, I found some tulips in my computer design stash.  Aha - Pretty Pink Tulips.  Couldn't resist the urge and just had to stitch out a variation on Elizabeth's monogram.

A monogram can always side-track me from what I am doing.  Now back to the monogram already in progress....


Mary said...

I love those napkins. They would be perfect for a bridal shower or a tea party. Beautiful!

pve design said...

Oh, my goodness, I love the fact that my designs can take on a new meaning in the form of a pretty napkin!

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, Cathy! This is just beautiful!!! And, what's really wild.....is that I have those plates. They belonged to my husband's grandmother. His mother, not having much time to entertain these days and knowing my love for all things pink, passed them down to me. I even have them displayed in my kitchen cabinets. So, now I know exactly how i'll link back to you! (Big Smile!).

xo Elizabeth

Stitchfork said...

Elizabeth my plates belonged to my grandmother too! She had them displayed in her dining room that was painted a lavender blue.

pve, your pretty design was what caught my attention!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! as you know, we love monograms.

Eddie & Jaithan

Alexis said...

I saw this over at Pretty Pink Tulips. What BEAUTIFUL work you do!