13 July 2010

Guys-Day Out

I had a guys-day out with the college-age crew!  We (me and a couple of my sons) headed out first thing this morning sending out text messages to their friends ---> wake up.  pick you up in 10.  going to watch the bridge blow up.

Wait......what??  Yes, bridge blow up.  The PA Turnpike built a new span across the Allegheny River and today was the day the old span was marked for kaboom.  After scoping out several possible locations, we decided the best spot was the McDonald's location right at the turnpike exit.  That seemed to be the place to be as there was a good-size crowd gathered.  McDonald's was doing a brisk business selling coffee and I applaud their hospitality.  The manager sent employees outside with trays full of frozen drinks to serve the bridge watchers for free!  A gracious host to an impromptu parking-lot-bridge-demolition gathering!

Unfortunately due to the abundance of tress, we mostly just saw a lot of smoke.  But the series of booms was deafening.

This is a helicopter view from the local news team.

Next off to the electronics store to return/replace the NEW computer tower that had a bad motherboard.  Hopefully this newer one is a keeper.  We checked out lots of electronics on our wish lists.  Then off to lunch -- Mexican food for all.  Back to the house for a short bit where the guys assembled my new desk chair -- "we don't need those instructions!"  Then out again to see the new Pixar movie "Despicable Me."

Fun day all around -- especially for me who is going to dearly miss all of them again next month when they head back to their various universities.


Jennifer Juniper said...

That's so funny you went! We talked about it, but I wasn't really sure when they were doing it since they postponed it once. My boys would have loved it :)

Stitchfork said...

Jen - when another bridge is scheduled to be blown up, you and the boys are at the top of my call list for an impromptu-bridge-explosion-tailgate!