21 July 2010

Ship Monogram

Baltimore, Maryland - Inner Harbor sunrise

Baltimore is a road trip destination several times a year. 
This trip we squeezed in time for a tour of the USS Constellation docked in the harbor.

The USS Constellation was decommissioned for the last time on 4 February 1955, the old ship was moved to Baltimore and designated a National Historic Landmark. She is the last existing Civil War-era naval vessel and has since been condemned and restored a few times.

Nearly all of the ship is accessible for viewing. About half of the lines used to rig the vessel are present which adds up to several miles of rope and cordage.

Cameras are snapping pictures of the shipboard cuisine --- eeewwwwww
And the cannons are in place.

And of course I found a monogram! 
A ship's monogram, and a stitched one at that!

My picture of the day?
I wanted to see where those cannons were aiming....

A bit higher and to the right Captain. 

 Ready, Aim.......


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Beautiful image of the inner harbor!


Eddie & Jaithan

Pigtown-Design said...

so sorry i missed y'all in b-more, hon!