18 July 2010

A Monogrammer's Dilemma

Fax from client: Need wedding shower gift for future sister-in-law. Thinking robe or table napkins. Her first initial S. His initials G-A.

My first reaction before I even open the computer design screen — Uh-Oh!!!

Here’s why…

And this one isn't any better...

No matter how I arranged these initials, all I could see was G-A-S or S-A-G.

Telephoned the client and explained the dilemma.

After the client picked herself up off the floor from laughing hysterically, she said "let’s just go with an S on a robe for this time to play it safe."

Basically two camps here: Those who would take this and run with it, enjoying it for all it’s worth; and those who would be appalled to sit down at a beautifully set dinner table, pick up the napkin and see G-A-S stitched across it.

Finished up the robe with an "S" monogram while humming the classic
Rolling Stones song
 Jumping Jack Flash…...it’s a gas….