05 July 2010

Bells & Whistles

We are a household full of bells and whistles.  And I admit -- I love new bells
and whistles! This is my embroidery designing set up with two laptops and
 three screens to work from - sweet! 
We have what we call our 'main computer', a desktop tower, set
up in the living room. It has been acting very snarky lately. 
To get even more bells and whistles 
Before it implodes, it will be replaced with a new tower
ready to be taken out of it's box.

What will I do with the snarky computer tower? 
This is my first weapon of choice!

Maybe it will be pardoned tho and donated to a good cause...


Maddie said...

I see a familiar design on the screen!

pve design said...

love your name. one part yogi and the other part pure wit.
have fun with your cause.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! What a great new set up!!!! hope you had a great 4th!