27 June 2010

What's in a name?

A few years ago I was on a quest for an original/unique name for my monogramming and embroidery. I had lists of possible names everywhere, and asked countless people for their opinions.

When everyone's eyes started to glaze over, or they veered off in another direction at the sight of those lists - I knew it was time to choose a name that reflected me.

Stitchfork - not found in the dictionary

Stitchfork - not found in the extensive search through government business and trademark/copyright records

Stitchfork - nothing in Google searches other than a now defunct heavy metal rock band in Atlanta, Georgia

Stitch - well, that part is obvious

Fork - reference to my previous profession as an RD, registered dietitian. And 'fork in the road' - to choose another path.

And I found a tool called a Stitch Fixer Fork. It's now part of my 'gadget stash'.

Stitchfork Designs -- done!

Oh, and that rock band in Atlanta...one of the guys in the band must have seen my website. I found this posted on his My Space page...

His comment - "Stitchfork, it's not what you think"
Wonder if he needs anything monogrammed.....Rock On!

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