08 September 2010


I was driving along a local road headed to the grocery store
with the list of items needed running through my head.
 (I have a tendency to leave behind the actual written
 list, plus coupons, on the kitchen counter.)

I glanced to my left and had to hit the brakes
when I saw this giant frog guarding
  the meter on the front lawn of a home.
This is one big, bodacious frog!

Wouldn’t you stop to look too?
One of these days I am going to
 have to find out if there is a story connected
to this “amphibian of the lawn”.

An amphibian-inspired towel set for
Kenneth’s bath time splashes.

1 comment:

pretty pink tulips said...

Wanted to hop over and see what creativity you had bubbling up today. Always a pleasure!!!
xo Elizabeth