07 October 2010

Palmettos and Pecans

In South Carolina for a bit - The Palmetto State
(embroidered hostess gifts)

Always enjoyable is a walk through Park Seed Company gardens.
Park Seed, founded in 1868, is one of the oldest seed and garden companies.

 Beautiful gardens

and my eye is always drawn to the fence finials
Our place is built in an old pecan orchard.
That’s pronounced ‘pee-can’ as I am always told when 
I pronounce it incorrectly the ‘northern way’.
The pecan trees are loaded with the ripening nuts.
The elderly gentleman next door for years has been trying to capture and release the abundant squirrel population out back.  Bless his heart, it’s an utterly hopeless task as we do live among nut trees here.  I am always tempted to hang this sign from the Park Seed store out back.

Off to the store who’s name always makes me smile --


pretty pink tulips said...

Gotta love the Carolinas! Enjoy some sweet tea!!

Alexis said...

Sounds like a great trip! Piggly Wiggly always reminds me of Miss Daisy!

Anonymous said...

Those are the nicest embroidered hostess gifts we've ever seen... enjoy your trip!