01 February 2011

chilly and chili

ice, ice, baby
and a good day for chili!

Last Sunday, Mary of The Fork and the Road, and I trekked to the Laurel
Highlands area for a cooking class...One Pot Meals.
Chef Greg Andrews prepared five courses, each paired with an
appropriate wine chosen by wine pro Ashlee Andrews.

Mary, the good blogger she is, was snapping pictures of the
first course of Chicken and Black Bean Chili.
me...I was plowing through the chili just
short of licking the bowl clean
Mary has the proof

So on this cold, icy, foggy, snowy day
there is a pot of Chicken Black Bean Chili simmering on the stove

shhhh...don’t tell chef tho that I took a lot of shortcuts with his recipe
like buying the chicken already cooked
the stock from a box
and the beans from a can instead of sorting, soaking and cooking
But hey,
still good enough to lick the bowl clean with fresh homemade bread!

...keeping my fingers crossed that ice in the first picture doesn't take down our power lines,
and that you all are safe and warm during this latest winter blast


Party Resources said...

Buried in snow here in Boston and this recipe might just hit the spot! Perfect! xx

Alexis said...

That Chili looks amazing! We are having salad, it was 70 degrees today :)

pretty pink tulips said...

A bowl of chili tonight would have so hit the spot. The big bad storm is headed our way - but will happen overnight. So, maybe a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast!

And, what are the odds that the Groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow?!

xo Elizabeth

Style Attic said...

What is it with food posts today?! They are killing me (in a good way!) I just left a comment on someones else's yummy post that it's my "eating week" of that time-o-the-month. I'm such a bloated ball of sweet and salty right now, my stomach just growled and said "CHILI". Love the before and after pics here :) XO

The Buzz said...

If only I could get out of the driveway today, I'd be heading to the store for the ingredients... Luckily, I have homemade split pea and ham on hand! Our power lines are still up and our fingers are crossed.

quintessence said...

What fun! And looks delicious as well - I think those short cuts are perfectly acceptable and make cooking something like this much less time consuming and intimidating!

abby jenkins said...

yum yum and yum again! I have been working not this dessert show and find myself craving savory. YUM!

Pink Martini said...

Don't tell anyone but I'm a prepared stock kind of gal too. Why not? :)