23 February 2012

water, water everywhere...

all’s quiet in my thread corner as I set the gps to head north

gps: head northwest till you hit water

Hello Lake Erie!

gps: you have arrived at your destination

Wait, what?    

my hotel is NOwhere in sight??

Excuse me...do you know where I am?

parking was a challenge the entire week

but the competition was on

Case Western, NYU, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon,
Washington University St Louis, Emory,
and my fav...
The University of Rochester

isn’t there always one (or more) in every crowd?

little late night snacks for refueling

gps: this way home...

g’bye Cleveland, it was fun!

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!


jeanette from everton terrace said...

Looks like fun! That last image is beautiful. They had cars hanging like that in the Seattle Art Museum - even with lights coming out of them. Must be the same artist or something.
We had a GPS turnaround in England last year. It had guided us down a little dirt road in the middle of NOWHERE, seriously, there was a fox running by and it announced we had "arrived" we were cracking up.

Ginger Zuck said...

WOW, Cathy what beautiful shots and some so intense. I love to get some like that. I've had good and bad experiences with GPS, glad you found your way. That parking was quiet the challenge!!LOL.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Get out! You were in Cleveland! I'm about 3 1/2 hours from there {Dayton}. I got a new GPS and you get the regular voice {that I call Lola} and then I got one that sounds like a teenager. I'm waiting for her to say, "Like, turn here" or "Whatever! Recalculating!". Like I need attitude from my GPS. I was so hoping for a male voice with a British accent.

Barbara F. said...

Your son is so athletic,and it keeps you busy! Looks like a fun trip. How did we survive without GPS? xo

Sheri said...

AMAZING photos, Cathy! Looks like a lot of fun. I giggled at the pic of the guy at the rail, RIGHT by the sign. haha...figures.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Yep, there's always one. ;)

I'm thinking that second photo subject would make an interesting design that SOMEONE we know could make most interesting. LOL! Now you've got me expecting to SEE a design of one of the photos. Love that little bee, too. Glad you had a good time supporting yoru son! blessings ~ tanna

Virginia said...

What fun your photographs were. Thank you for sharing them all.

Lynn said...

Hope it was a successful meet! The car photo made me laugh!

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

What a great pic of your guy in action. I gained 10pounds just from viewing those pizza boxes. Ah, to be young again with no calorie considerations. :)