18 August 2013


Pittsburgh—the City of Bridges
officially the city with the most bridges in the world
3 more than the former leader Venice, Italy
a celebration of the history of Pittsburgh as a city of bridges
as well as the region’s thriving, contemporary arts scene
an explosion of yarn in conjunction with
Fiberart International 2013!
the Andy Warhol Bridge
over 600 knitted/crocheted blankets = yarn bombed!
The project will be up thru September 6. Afterwards the blankets will be distributed to those in need.
over 1800 volunteers created the largest yarn-bomb
ever in the United States
in the 'burgh
knit one, pearl two, knit one...
it's just embroidery, have fun with it!



Sarah said...

What an amazing sight. Did you make one of the blankets?

Stitchfork said...

Sarah, I wish I had learned how to knit just to participate in this project! Maybe I should give it a try...

Wonder if there's ever been an embroidery-bomb project?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow! What an amazing sight, Cathy!

pretty pink tulips said...

I've read about those yarn bombs....but so fun to see it on the bridges of Pittsburgh. It seems like the "Pitt" is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance of it's own!!

Have a wonderful day, Cathy!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

The Buzz Blog said...

What a sight! And to know that people in need will benefit is a plus.
C + C

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

So neat you were able to capture this. Great photos, my friend. :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I could not wait to see this post!! Oh, how fabulous this great celebration AND good use of knitting during and after!! Thank you so much for sharing it, Cathy!! blessings ~ tanna
ps those corpse plants are something else, aren't they?!