08 November 2013

1937 Gothic...

the year 1937 started on a Friday
the first issue of Look magazine went on sale in the US
Crystal City, Texas spinach growers erected a statue
of the cartoon character Popeye
Daffy Duck debuted in his first animated short
Hormel introduced their new product...Spam
and Mae West was banished from radio
for being a bit too risqué
the monogram frame is derived from 1937 artwork
the monogram is inspired by 16th century Gothic styles
1937 Goth
it's just embroidery, have fun with it!



Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Do you draw out your designs before you put them on the machine? I'd love to see your creative process in action.

Sarah said...

It's more than just embroidery! Another beauty, Cathy.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's beautiful, Cathy. I love the gold, too.

pretty pink tulips said...

Who knew that Mae West was even too much for radio?!! Gorgeous monogram. JS must be thrilled!!

Hope all is well with you and your brood of boys!
xoxo Elizabeth