18 September 2014

spooky fun settings...

a bit of #tbt 

(throwback Thursday)

This Halloween placemat set is still one of my favorites!

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!


Alexis said...

Every year I get so excited to bring them out. October can not come soon enough. You are the best Stitchfork/Witchfork around my friend!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love them, Cathy! And that's coming from someone who has a Halloween birthday! : )

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I always like to see your holiday creations!

pretty pink tulips said...

Such a great Halloween set! And, what a fun family....one of the few who probably had coordinated treats to go with it!

Just got Molly a "big bad wolf" costume and am thinking of dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, just for fun!

xoxo Elizabeth