09 August 2010

Placemat Monogram

Good Morning Stitchfork.

Your mission should you decide to accept it:

Design a placemat monogram

Goal and target:

Use the items in this basket... black & tan placemats, clear glass tableware, black tablecloth. Monogram initials J-C-L
So often when a monogram is stitched in the center of a placemat it becomes hidden except when clearing away the plates.

These plates are clear and will create a plate-glass window
view for the monogram.
J-C-L is seen before dinner, then slowly reappears through the meal as the diners enjoy the food.


Bonus views for the ‘clean-plate-club’
Another successful mission concluded.

….I added the striped table runner from my stash for the pictures.
Think I may have lost it to J-C-L….


Alexis said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors and using the glass plate is Genius :)

joansirr said...


joansirr said...


pve design said...

What a handsome design.
Now that would be perfect for my man.

Anonymous said...


pretty pink tulips said...

Love this! Just as I love my new napkins and dishtowel that my friends ordered from you! What a fantastic surprise!!!!!

xo Elizabeth

Maddie said...