11 August 2010

Truck Monogram

You know you are a monogram/font addict when…...

You are standing in the pouring rain trying to get a photo
of the furnace guy's company truck monogram.

And Daryl, the furnace guy who is restoring hot water to the house after 5 days of
everyone turning blue in the shower, is looking at you as if you are a total loon!

Truck monogram ---cool!

Hot water restored -- priceless!


Alexis said...

Love it! Congrats on a hot shower :)

pretty pink tulips said...

Hope my service call goes as well tomorrow - there is a terrible funk coming out of the dishwasher and the microwave is on the fritz! Still under waranty....but still no fun!

Stitchfork said...

Alexis -- new tankless water heater = endless hot water!!!

Pertty Pink Tulips -- hope all the funk and fritz gets fixed! Agree, no fun at all tho.

pve design said...

Truck monogram, love the sound of it. It is a new oxymoron.
First up for a hot shower!