10 December 2010

Christmas elves...

Santa’s magic helpers who wear lots of red and
green, and pointy hats with bells.

In Clement Clarke Moore’s 1823 poem
A Visit from St. Nicholas
more commonly known as Twas the Night Before Christmas,
Santa Claus is described as
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf”.

After dark last night I slipped my elf hat on and quietly
tied fresh cut evergreen boughs and big red bows to an
elderly neighbor’s fence posts.
No elves were helping in my workshop today,
but as I reached into a bag of cashmere scarves to be
monogrammed I was delighted to find a gift for ME!
that had been hidden there by a Christmas elf!

Not telling where this surprise elf bag is headed!
Find your elf!
Spread some cheer!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Your neighbor must have been so surprised! Very sweet. xo

La Dolfina said...


Just stopped over to wish you a wonderful weekend and to let you know I'm ready to work on those special monograms we talked about, so expect an email soon!!!
Lots of Love,


Joy Beadworks said...

You are so sweet to brighten your neighbor's day! I knew I liked you!

pretty pink tulips said...

It's so fun to spread a little unexpected cheer!!!!
xoxo elizabeth

Anonymous said...

I think we found our elf this weekend. The house is becoming a home and ready for Christmas! Happy Holidays!