05 January 2011


large dog immediately recognizable by its long, thick, shaggy gray and white coat
originated from very old pastoral type dogs of England
first seen in artwork from the 1700’s
described as never being nervous or aggressive
can tend to be ‘couch potatoes’ (The Kennel Club said that, not me!)
intelligent, sociable and adaptable
may try to herd people or objects

famous sheepdogs:
Tiny, pet of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Martha, pet of Paul McCartney and of the Beatles song Martha My Dear
Sam Sheepdog from the Looney Tunes cartoons
Barkley from Sesame Street
The Colonel from 101 Dalmations

but my favorite sheepdog…

who could resist this face??

Alexis, my talented friend of Jac o’ lyn Murphy, knows Pru well
go see more of Prudence, and Alexis’ creations

The Hound here is avidly ignoring me until I stop speaking of Prudence


Alexis said...

Prudence is FAMOUS! My parents are going to be thrilled...
You are the best.
xo, Alexis

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Prudence is a real beauty!

pretty pink tulips said...

Darling!!! I love what you created for Alexis' parents! Dog gone good!!!
xo E

Pink Martini said...

I had to drop by to tell you your designs are incredible. I love the crowns and the bewitched! You are so creative I might have you have come up with something with pink martinis and pearls! :) xoxo

Style Attic said...

Pooch Precious!! I love your idea on my blog :) Do post when you get Honeysuckle stitched in style my dear!!

Miss Sew & So said...

I wish santa had brought us Prudence in our stockings!!

Happy New Year!!

melissa xox

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I think I love all dogs, any size shape or color. Prudence seems like the perfect name for that dog.

stephanie said...

Prudence is a SPECIAL dog.... Ask Alexis about Betsy Ross!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prudence is a real BEAUTY. Ask Alexis about Betsy Ross!!!

The Buzz said...

What a pretty pup and love the idea of such a personalized gift!

Peggy said...

We are so thrilled with the beautiful Prudence towels and have had many, many glowing comments. Thank you so much for such special stitchery. Happy 2011!! Prudence's mistress and Alexis' mom