01 January 2014

got orts?


snippets of thread left over after finishing embroidery

time to break out a new jar to fill

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!


Sarah said...

Prettier than a bowl full of confetti.
Stopping by to wish you a very healthy and happy 2014.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Sorry Cathy, but I hate those little pieces of thread that I have to snip from anything I sew. I also dislike the yarn ends from crocheting too. LOL.

pretty pink tulips said...

Happy New Year, Cathy! Looking forward to another colorful year of your creative projects!

xoxo Elizabeth

The Buzz Blog said...

Orts gal-orts! Our jars are filled with petals... Happy 2014, Cathy!
C + C

pve design said...

Nothing like a bowl of "orts" to add some fiber to your day! Ha ha. Hope you are doing well, staying warm and busy with more beautiful stitches.
Happy 2014!