20 January 2014

Monogram M 1940's...

the infamous M monogrammed imprinted 
candy-coated chocolates...

made their debut in the 1940’s

(although technically the imprinted M 
on each piece didn't appear until 1950, 
several years after their debut)

this violet M was one of the popular 
1940’s monogram styles

and the frame is a 1949 style of artwork

as for the M&M’s...

violet was replaced by the color tan in 1949
tan was replaced by blue in 1995

but this violet monogrammed M lives on

*all M&M’s used were for research purposes only
ummm...until they were consumed

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!


Barbara F. said...

Nice history lesson for what was once my fave candy . Pretty monogram. xo

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Uh-huh, research. Gotcha. ; ) Such a pretty monogram and it does have that look that would seem popular for the 1940's. It looks like the furniture and architecture of the time, too. Love the violet with the green. Another great job, Cathy!

Sarah said...

Oh, yes, research. When I taught first grade we always did a science experiment with M&M candy. Odd how the teachers were always having to run out and buy more bags in time for the actual lesson. Pointing no fingers. '-)
Pretty M……..

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL - on the candy consumption!

Is that a scarf or a blanket? Love the thread colors with the white fabric and I adore the fringe.