30 January 2011

monogram addressed

the C family likes a reminder that they reside at 50 lakeside
that C, well it’s really a Q
...flipped upside down

Did you ever notice how many different ways the letter Q is written?

mind your p's never mind your c’s and q’s
that’s my monogramming rule and I’m stickin’ to it!

27 January 2011

Frozen Balls

yes, it snowed...again!
and The Hound is happy

you see, she is rarely seen without a tennis ball in her mouth
she can even bark at you with a tennis ball clenched in her teeth
...teeth that are ground down to nubs from those tennis balls
her favorites tho — frozen tennis balls!
she keeps a stash on the front bench chilling

tossing them into the direct path of your snow shovel
to get you to toss it back
she can be a real looney toon!

No, no, no! I’m not coming inside!
You come back out please!


25 January 2011


...a lover of wine
...wine aficionado or connoisseur
...enjoys a fine wine

or in this case..
a swine wine

Thread and ink
Thread...wine glasses and swine wine
Ink...crowned swine
The handsome royal swine is a graphic used by Rex Brand in the 1880’s
to advertise Extract of Beef—go figure!

You can find him, and other great graphics at The Graphic Fairy
Karen knows how to find great graphics!

ps...wait, what?!
This is post 100!

23 January 2011

step into...

...my parlor
...my tattoo parlor

Skull and Cross Ski monogram M
tattoo embroidered to upper sleeve

My role is hot-beverage-maker and fire-tender
so further expert services are not needed from

too extreme?
kinder, gentler snow sculpture

your choice?

18 January 2011


hu...the internet country code top-level domain for Hungary
HU...Harrisburg University
Hu...former state of China
Hu...a kachina in Hopi mythology
Hu...a breed of sheep

HU...a place at the dinner table
Hu knew!

16 January 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

Last week Pam of Red Ticking sent me a message:
you are now part of the stylish blogger award crowd!
congratulations! xx pam

Wait, what?
Surprised and humbled here!

My list of favorite blogs grows longer every day. I’m having so much fun
exploring, reading and finding so many inspiring blogs.
And talk about some fantastic new friends!
Thank you Pam!!

  • 7 things about me:
  • I can never have enough embroidery fonts stashed in my computers—total addiction.
  • I have three sons in college that are of course wonderful, but also fun to be around!
  • While driving, I crank up the radio very loud and sing along to country music.
  • If you peek at the playlist on my iPod tho, it would only confuse you as it is a mixture of a little bit of everything
  • I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China
  • Bullseye—had quite a number of them while on high school and university Varsity Rifle Teams
  • Puns have been declared the lowest form of humor, but I adore them. The pun-ier, the better
 Fun part...I now pass the award on to:

After receiving this award please pay it forward according to the rules:
Thank, and link back to the person who awarded you.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award ten great bloggers you admire, contact them and tell them the good news!

That was hard picking ten - wish I could add everyone on my favorites list!
Thank you!

14 January 2011

tickled pink

Last week Kelly over at Style Attic asked…
“Where will you incorporate the lovely 18-2120?”
the 2011 color of the year 
With about 30 shades of pink in one of my thread drawers,

the color of 2011 is now down to one choice.

Here you go Kelly—pretty in pantone!
tickled pink today!

12 January 2011

Jack Frost

an elfish creature personifying cold winter weather
also known as Old Man Winter

and I keep driving right into him

or northbound

earlier today on NY/PA Interstate

09 January 2011


crafting representations
gift cartography—crafting a personally unique treasure
adding the extra touch makes a gift even more special
The Fork and the Road will follow the map with a bit of gift cartography
crafted with the images from her business card and logo
Happy Birthday M!
Meg, Pigtown Design, shared this fun Hermes Kelly inspired bag idea

07 January 2011


short for those leaping marsupials...kangaroos

males called bucks, boomers, jacks, old men
females called does, flyers, jills
young ones, joeys

national symbol of Australia

famous kangaroos...
Captain Kangaroo, children’s television star
Kanga and Roo friends of Winnie the Pooh
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Mate — Rolf Harris hit song 1960
Qantas logo—national airline of Australia
Hippety-Hopper—Bugs Bunny cartoon character voiced by Mel Blanc

Signature gift from the Hasketts—well maybe not famous,
but well-known to their acquaintances on two continents!
who has only met one boomer/flyer at the zoo
not much leaping going on here!

05 January 2011


large dog immediately recognizable by its long, thick, shaggy gray and white coat
originated from very old pastoral type dogs of England
first seen in artwork from the 1700’s
described as never being nervous or aggressive
can tend to be ‘couch potatoes’ (The Kennel Club said that, not me!)
intelligent, sociable and adaptable
may try to herd people or objects

famous sheepdogs:
Tiny, pet of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Martha, pet of Paul McCartney and of the Beatles song Martha My Dear
Sam Sheepdog from the Looney Tunes cartoons
Barkley from Sesame Street
The Colonel from 101 Dalmations

but my favorite sheepdog…

who could resist this face??

Alexis, my talented friend of Jac o’ lyn Murphy, knows Pru well
go see more of Prudence, and Alexis’ creations

The Hound here is avidly ignoring me until I stop speaking of Prudence

03 January 2011


part of the head, or of a hat
ceremonial headgear
British monetary coin
area within Inverness in the Scottish Highlands
a Swedish death/thrash band
(death/thrash?? not on my iPod, yours?)
part of a tooth
lager beer brewed in Melbourne, Australia
too many hotel and business names to list

and now embellishments on K.K.’s robe

K.K.  crowned

I am Queen