27 February 2011

oh deer...

don’t be fooled by this innocent look of, “who me??”

just one of the culprits devouring our landscaping
she runs with a usual herd of about eight other hooligans

Which one of us blinked first?

John Deer   or   Deer John

ink...deer from Karen at The Graphics Fairy

23 February 2011


they swim and fly
my threads to cheer on my yellowjacket

21 February 2011


global positioning system
...containing maps which are displayed
in human readable format
...providing suggested directions to a human in
charge of a vehicle or vessel
there be pirates ahead on my gps!

thread and ink:
N.S. in thread
weathervane in ink
weathervane image circa 1880’s hardware catalog
via Karen at the Graphics Fairy

walk the plank, or turn off the gps?

17 February 2011


...ahhh sugar, sugar
wait, what?
that’s a tea strainer
in this kitchen it’s a powdered-sugar-shaker

favorite blueberry muffin recipe...Williams and Sonoma

15 February 2011

13 February 2011

The Hare...

Fig.1. The HARE
The Dog…
The Hare of the Dog
The Hound has NOT been imbibing

graphic from the H section of an early
English Dictionary circa 1754
via Karen at The Graphics Fairy
thread...of the Dog
ink...Fig.1. The Hare

08 February 2011

let me take you down...

it’s just strawberries
part of the fruit food group
remember the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever?
my first paying job was picking strawberries at a
neighboring farm when I was 12-years-old
I’m a pro when it comes to strawberries

strawberries with garnish
no calories in garnish right??

professionals do recommend 2 to 4 servings of fruit per day
one down...three to go!

heart embroidery for place settings at a ladies luncheon
let me take you down, strawberry fields forever....

06 February 2011

say cheese

maybe it was a mistake to place the cheese...
so close to the three blind mice...
but now it’s a feta compli
say cheese in thread
cheese maker and man in the moon graphic is
a Victorian trade card image from

04 February 2011


technical drawing
intended to concisely and clearly communicate needed specifications
transform an idea into physical form
Loving all the comments from each and every
one of you while drafting this blog!

02 February 2011

f.f.w. monogram

fast forward
flash flood warning
food for work
funds for writers
feet of fresh water

fast forward for an Irish dinner at the table of f. f. w.
Barring any flash floods, no work required for food,
fresh water served and funds accepted for tips!
visualizing this one all in white too

which would you choose?
or tone-on-tone?

01 February 2011

chilly and chili

ice, ice, baby
and a good day for chili!

Last Sunday, Mary of The Fork and the Road, and I trekked to the Laurel
Highlands area for a cooking class...One Pot Meals.
Chef Greg Andrews prepared five courses, each paired with an
appropriate wine chosen by wine pro Ashlee Andrews.

Mary, the good blogger she is, was snapping pictures of the
first course of Chicken and Black Bean Chili.
me...I was plowing through the chili just
short of licking the bowl clean
Mary has the proof

So on this cold, icy, foggy, snowy day
there is a pot of Chicken Black Bean Chili simmering on the stove

shhhh...don’t tell chef tho that I took a lot of shortcuts with his recipe
like buying the chicken already cooked
the stock from a box
and the beans from a can instead of sorting, soaking and cooking
But hey,
still good enough to lick the bowl clean with fresh homemade bread!

...keeping my fingers crossed that ice in the first picture doesn't take down our power lines,
and that you all are safe and warm during this latest winter blast