26 February 2012

the dumpster rust blues.....

Construction guy: Can I help you??

Me: No thanks, just taking a picture of your dumpster

Construction guy: Uhhh, my dumpster??

Me: Look how pretty the afternoon sun makes the blue, and the rust and the letters

Construction guy: Have to say, no one has ever said the dumpster is pretty.  Knock yourself out. 
Nice dog you have there.

Me: Thanks.....and hey, I saw that eye roll!

The Hound: c’mon, let’s walk.....


it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

23 February 2012

water, water everywhere...

all’s quiet in my thread corner as I set the gps to head north

gps: head northwest till you hit water

Hello Lake Erie!

gps: you have arrived at your destination

Wait, what?    

my hotel is NOwhere in sight??

Excuse me...do you know where I am?

parking was a challenge the entire week

but the competition was on

Case Western, NYU, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon,
Washington University St Louis, Emory,
and my fav...
The University of Rochester

isn’t there always one (or more) in every crowd?

little late night snacks for refueling

gps: this way home...

g’bye Cleveland, it was fun!

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

19 February 2012

the heart of rock and roll.....

They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating...

And from what I've seen I believe 'em...

But the heart of rock and roll...

The heart of rock and roll...

is in...

(Huey Lewis and the News, 1984)

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

15 February 2012

every which way.....

over the river...

through the woods...

and up the hill

*not an endorsement for snapping a photo while driving

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

12 February 2012

Mr. Watson come here.....

the first words spoken via the telephone

by its inventor...Alexander Graham Bell

on Valentine’s Day, Mr. Bell wanted...

not chocolate covered strawberries,

or flowers,

S2 Monogram in thread and carded for S2 Stationery, NY

or heart monograms

A. G. Bell wanted his patent to be accepted on...

February 14, 1876

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

09 February 2012

shhhh, should I.....

think he needs a blanket?

I got cold feet...


decided to pass the buck...

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

05 February 2012

tulip mania.....

17th century Netherlands

tulip demands created enormous price peaks

a single tulip bulb could be sold for:

four tons of wheat
eight tons of rye
one bed
four oxen
eight pigs
12 sheep
one suit of clothes
two casks of wine
four tons of beer
two tons of butter
1,000 pounds of cheese
one silver drinking cup

would you keep your tulip?


trade for one of those items listed above?

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!

01 February 2012

a little up, now over a smidge…..

photo gallery now open!


browsing and lingering encouraged

it's just embroidery, have fun with it!


if you click on a gallery photo,
it will take you to the original post for more details
( there are just a few photset links I am still working on,
if anyone knows the code, I'm all ears!)