I am a rule follower. Don't run with scissors; never eat
 more than you can lift; if your sleeve rips,
 put on a sweater; and so on.

Then I sit down in my sewing space and boot up the computer. The designing screen pops open and Bam! Rules,schmules! Look out as I toss those monogramming rules right out the
window next to me.

Break some rules...get personal...get unique!
The possibilities are endless.....


A few of the most frequently asked questions  are below -
read on!

If you don't see the answer to your question - please send me a note

Are the embroidered monograms and designs in your photos items you stitch?

Yes!  Photos I post is work stitched out by me -- unless otherwise noted. 

Where did you get the name Stitchfork?

Here is the explanation of a Stitchfork

Will you do custom work?

Absolutely!  Most of the work I do is customized for an individual, or an event. 

Do you follow traditional monogramming rules?

Yes I can.  BUT your monogram should be meaningful and unique to you.  If that means breaking some of those traditional rules -- count me in!

Who's monogram is on the fork in your Stitchfork Designs logo at the top of the page?

The fork is a piece in the set that belonged to my maternal grandmother.  N for Nelson. 

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