29 September 2010

Monogrammed pajamas

Sweet Dreams!
larger monogram on pajama top
smaller monogram on pants cuff

28 September 2010

The Boot Campaign

Get Inspired! The Boot Girls story will make you proud to be an American. They personify the grassroots, “let’s make something happen” spirit that is unique to our country. The Boot Girls are five women from across Texas who were inspired by Marcus Luttrell’s best-selling book Lone Survivor, which paints a very stark reality of the war in the Middle East. The Girls understood that our troops returning from war need our help, so they generated awareness by creating the “Boot Campaign” celebrity photo gallery picturing celebrities in combat boots. That effort became an instant success and gave life to the “Get Your Boots On” opportunity for all Americans to buy combat boots to “Give Back” to our military heroes.  (excerpt from The Boot Girls )

So “Get Your Boots On” to help show appreciation of our military heroes who serve and sacrifice everyday for our nation!

                                                       Stitchfork Got Her Boots On

27 September 2010

Did you get your Derian?

Recently there has been a buzz about a
new John Derian line for Target stores. 
Simply Seleta wrote that she went
"a little crazy about the new stuff

This John Derian feather tray, along with my embroidered feather napkins, are headed to a log cabin setting. 
Perfect for a fall dinner on the porch overlooking the lake.

And this John Derian bee hive mug is for a
yellowjacket swimmer's caffeine pick-me-ups.
                                           (yellowjacket embroidered on a shirt sleeve)
Will you be headed to Target to collect some Derian of your own?  I'll send you my list, as my closest Target store was pretty much sold out of the line.

22 September 2010

It's a Pittsburgh Thing

First Ferris Wheel 1893
First Commercial Radio Station 1920 KDKA
First Ice Capades 1940
First Polio Vaccine 1954
First Public Television Station 1954
(Mr . Rogers real neighborhood)
First Nighttime World Series Game 1971
First Internet Emoticon—the smiley :-) 1979
Heinz Ketchup and Klondike Bars hometown
Pirates, Steelers and Penguins
Three Rivers
Two Inclines
and 446 Bridges

the city of Pittsburgh -officially the city with the most bridges in the world,
three more than former world leader Venice, Italy.
the ‘burgh!

20 September 2010

17 September 2010


Unusual, Odd, Quirky, Ugly, Misshapen
Pumpkins and Gourds

The search begins for this years’ stacking.
Wait, what—you don’t stack yours??

This is last year’s stack.
I started the search too late in the season and the pickings were slim.
My good friend Mary at The Fork and The Road got me started on this.
You can see her search has already begun…
 On the agenda this weekend is a trip to some of the
local markets in search of fall harvest oddities.

A Fall Harvest embroidery gift basket for a charity auction

15 September 2010

First Impressions

First glance at a set of initials to monogram can set the
tone for how the design process will flow.
Uh-oh.......All I’m thinking is the vaccine—

 A bit of rearranging and…
...found the cure for measles/mumps/rubella

                      The gift-giver is happy.  The bride is happy.  The groom is happy.

                               In your best Sesame Street Elmo voice repeat after me:
                                   "Today’s monogram is brought to you by Mr. M"

13 September 2010

Autumn Winds

The wind has picked up, leaves are starting to change colors, and fall is in the air. Sometimes it’s scary how fast time flies.

Put on your Boogie shoes — Halloween’s coming!

11 September 2010

Fruit-of-the-Vine Monogram

Starboard  <——>  Port

left?   or   right?

Remember: there is No Port Wine Left

Port = Left

09 September 2010

Monogram Crowned

Uncle Walter, my mother’s brother, was the family historian. He researched and documented the Nelson family all the way back to the year 1030 AD. Uncle Walter said, “If you search far enough, everyone is descended from royalty.”

So every monogram does deserve to be crowned…

Our family tree has everything from kings, queens, saints, serfs, nuns, peasants, Vikings, a Ziegfeld girl and a bevy
of other characters throughout the centuries.

08 September 2010


I was driving along a local road headed to the grocery store
with the list of items needed running through my head.
 (I have a tendency to leave behind the actual written
 list, plus coupons, on the kitchen counter.)

I glanced to my left and had to hit the brakes
when I saw this giant frog guarding
  the meter on the front lawn of a home.
This is one big, bodacious frog!

Wouldn’t you stop to look too?
One of these days I am going to
 have to find out if there is a story connected
to this “amphibian of the lawn”.

An amphibian-inspired towel set for
Kenneth’s bath time splashes.

06 September 2010

Baby, oh baby!

Oh baby, lots of new babies!

Audrey's gift-set-giver requested pink, green and red
Solution -- little red cardinals playing among
the pink and green design

Carter is monkeying around!

And Alex arrived Priority First Class!
"Babies are such a nice way to start people"
(Don Herold...American artist and humorist...1889-1966)


03 September 2010


Labor Day Weekend

Summer days are numbered…

And so are the place settings!

Fire up the grill and enjoy the holiday weekend!

ps.....if anyone has seen the #7 and #8
individual ice buckets, please let me 
know so those two place settings can ice
down their beer beverage of choice

01 September 2010

Denim Monogram

T + M + denim

TM has a great sense of humor

With this design I kept envisioning a scene from
the Wizard of Oz

So I took a second photo to send via email

Warning — if you do NOT like puns, stop reading now

Aunt + T + M

Auntie Em, Auntie Em…..

It’s embroidery — have fun with it!