26 November 2010

Monograms and Chemistry

Walter Weldon was a chemist in London during the late 1800s.
He developed the Weldon Process to produce chlorine by boiling
hydrochloric acid with manganese dioxide.

Around 1888 he began to publish a series of books entitled
Weldon’s Practical Needlework.

Wait, what?!
Chemistry to needlework — Go figure?!

When designing a monogram for S.L.B, I knew exactly where to start—
Walter Weldon
This monogram was published by Weldon in 1893.
The 2010 Stitchfork version

Fresh, with a touch of history—good chemistry!

Wonder what Walter Weldon would think?


JANE said...

A fascinating post, Cathy. And beautiful work, too. Yes, he was a true Renaissance man! J x

Privet and Holly said...

That is cool,
Cathy and the
monogram you
created is even
Happy Friday,
xx Suzanne

pretty pink tulips said...

Walden would approve! I think your monogramming is part art and part science - or is that part math?!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
xo elizabeth

simply seleta said...

Love this little lesson in history and that chemist's interesting transition in crafts. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing, I love a good classic monogram.

Steph B. said...

This looks familiar :) But it is now a little more worn from much use. I still get compliments every day!