17 November 2010

Prickly Monogram

An ancient Celtic symbol of nobility.
Scotland’s national symbol … the Guardian Thistle

Legend has it that a band of Vikings were about to attack a Scottish castle.
A barefoot Viking stepped on a thistle and cried out.
His cry alerted the Scots warriors who then defeated the attacking Danes.
A high chivalric order of Scotland is the Order of the Thistle

A plant characterized by sharp prickles on all its margins.

Thistle notecards from a local photographer.
Selected them thinking they would be a gift,
but they don’t seem to want to leave MY desk.

Sterling silver thistle cuff bracelet winging its
way to me from an artist on the west coast.

The prickles deters animals and discourages them from feeding.
Hands off the thistles!

Except these thistles...
Thistles for the dinner table to encourage hands on eating!


A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Love the history about the Guardian Thistle..and the green and purple too in the first image! Take care, Caroline


oh, I just love that monogram! Your designs are spectacular!

pretty pink tulips said...

Oh, what fun!!!! My napkins!!! :) I have so loved them.
It's been crazy - please forgive me absence.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving!
xo Elizabeth