03 November 2010

Why did the chicken...

cross the road???

Meet The Girls

The Girls live across the street and venture over to visit most days.
Somehow they inherently know where The Hound’s invisible
fence line runs as they never cross it.
Except today.
When The Hound was not home.

Chicks with brains!

The Girls of Easton Bag
 for Iris (the girls’ 12-year-old chick wrangler) to collect their eggs


Alexis said...

Hysterical! What fun neighbors...

Miss Sew & So said...

hi cathy- lovely to meet you and to become follower number 25...
i'm sure that number means something!?

love your blog photo and title....we sound a little similar!

melissa x

Style Attic said...

Uhhh, how cute are you/is this??!! Thanks for the late night smiles :D

I appreciate you stopping by today. I wanted to say a quick hello and I'll be back. We are leaving in the am for a quick trip and then have company next week, so I may be slightly absent.

We'll chat again, nice to meet you!